Our development activities in the field of renewable energies:

As part of our long-term project development activities, we also design and build so-lar energy plants, which include an extensive analysis of the economic factors as well as the arrangement of the necessary supply contracts with the local energy companies.

Therefore, we cooperate in this business area with both private as well as institutional investors, who are aiming for a safe and profitable long-term investment in renewable energies.
Backed up by our long standing business relationships in the real estate sector, especially in France, Greece, Italy and Spain, we have access to appropriate sites and locations that particularly qualify for the construction of solar collectors and solar power plants and at the same time fulfil all the necessary requirements.

In addition, we advise our clients extensively about all investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector and the possibilities of interesting structural financing of-fered by our European partner banks.

Wind energy
Through the recent changes in national German energy policies and the new plans for the further development of renewable energies, wind
energy will grow in impor-tance from a strategic development viewpoint of renewable energies.

We can offer to our clients investments in turn-key offshore wind parks in the North Sea – which are especially interesting in respect of the strong structural assistance incentives offered by the EU in the offshore wind industry.
Offshore Windparj

Project development work in the nursing home sector:

In the context of our very extensive and nationwide “social housing” development projects we are currently concentrating our efforts in this asset class on the design and construction of modern residential homes for the elderly and top-flight nursing homes which match the criteria specified by private and institutional investors throughout Germany.

In all these development projects we attribute particular importance to issues such as location, site, general architecture and design, build quality, credit rating of the property company, and also the perceived demand in the various locations according to requirements analyses.

Only after we have ticked all the boxes in relation to the profile of requirements do we present this “Semiramis development project” to our clients.


86462 Langweid

The town is located
15 km north of Augsburg.

Flat plot occupying a central location in the heart of the town, basic infrastructure and all local facilities within walking distance.

The demand was verified by an external professional opinion, and the recommendations of the assessor taken as a basis for the size and design of the complex.

A respectable medium-sized company with a top credit rating has been successfully recruited to operate the property.


Project development work in the commercial and residential industry:

We are currently engaged in various site development projects throughout Germany for extensive office and hotel buildings and in the housing sector.

Site plan


74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen

The town of Bietigheim-Bissingen is located between Stuttgart and Heilbronn, offering a medium-sized centre serving the surrounding towns and villages in the Stuttgart region.


Measuring approx. 20,000 m², the plot is in a particularly prominent and sought-after location directly on the B27 and immediately opposite the railway station. The town centre is about a 5-minute walk, and the A81 about 2 minutes away by car.

Project planning:
The project would involve the demolition of existing warehouses, the redevelopment of the former office building as a modern multifunctional commercial complex, the conversion of the front section of the former laboratory building into loft apartments, and the complete redesign of the part of the plot bordering Gartenstrasse for the construction of modern terraced houses or apartment blocks.

Planned and designed 

Purchase price:
Available on request


The above specifications for new high-end nursing homes constitute just one small part of our current development projects. We can offer private investors and institutional investors a number of interesting social housing developments at the top end of the spectrum with largely completed senior citizens’ residences and nursing homes.

If you are interested please contact the head of our Project Development department,
Mr Elsäßer (0711-2844150).

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