Our group of companies has a current account balance of payments of more than € 2 billion in design and turnkey construction of key international commercial and residential property developments, majoring in blue-chip offices and logistics centres and also in hotels and tourism.

Staffed by accredited real estate and property experts, our real estate consultancy arm has advised a number of major institutional investors since 1970 - especially investment companies, pension funds and private equity investors - on international investments in property and real estate, and has successfully brokered a number of substantial property deals in the past. In the 2009/2010 financial years we oversaw and arranged investments in real property for our customers worth more than € 1 billion.

Backed up by years of experience and proven expertise in international development projects and property investment, we also conduct risk analyses in real estate management, advising on deals throughout the European economic area and offering investors attractive financing schemes.

With our private customer consultancy and wealth management arm we also advise investors from the SME sector about development and real estate investment opportunities in the newly incorporated regions of the European Union which promise above-average economic growth combined with considerable appreciation potential for property investments and appealing tax concessions for investors based on the new legislation - especially in respect of the strong structural assistance incentives offered by the EU.

The property investment schemes we have set up in line with our high quality demands can be shown to have brought our investors and customers high levels of appreciation and attractive returns over the decades. Facilitated by our investment philosophy we offer property investments in emerging nations with exceptional economic growth prospects, such as the new property markets of Malaysia, Vietnam and the Indian economic area which are currently experiencing dynamic growth and which will continue to grow in importance from a strategic property development viewpoint.

Given the long-emerging demographic trend in Western Europe we have been engaged for many years in the design, planning and turnkey construction of top-quality social housing - especially sheltered housing, residential homes for the elderly and modern nursing homes. This housing sector is set to develop at an above-averagerate rate - especially given the new specifications of international institutional investors as regards long-term profitability and guaranteed returns.



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